Are you ready to step into the dynamic world of fashion and take control of every stage, from the initial concept all the way to delivering stunning designs to the retail floor?

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"This course taught me everything and more that I wanted to know about Fashion buying "

Leena Wahaab, Buyer

From Concept to Retail, Join Our Online Course and Master the Art of Design to Delivery!

This program contains all you need to know about Fashion Buying

Imagine The Fashion Buying Career

You’ve Dreamt Of ...... At Your Finger Tips

→ Every Module Crystal Clear And Making Perfect Sense

→ Making It To The End, And Saying“Worth Every Penny”

→ Feeling Confident In Your Newfound Capabilities And Knowledge

This course is specifically designed to help you by

→ Providing Hands On Industry Relevant Training

→ Providing A Step By Step Guide Through Each stage

Of The Product Development Cycle

→ Breaking Down The Theory Into Easy to Understand Concepts


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The Buying Cycle

This module focuses on the big picture view explaining the fashion calendar, the critical path and how to manage it; the stages of the development cycle and insights into industry best practise methods followed by retail brands. There are workbooks, checklists and templates included to download and modify according to your schedule


Fashion Fundamentals

Fashion is challenging, competitive and tough at all levels. It is important to understand all the moving parts. What are the skills you need to develop and what is required to get to the next level of your career in the fashion industry


Trends, Textiles & Trade Shows

In this module we delve into the purpose of trends and market research and how it applies to your customer and target market. This is really important to understand and establishes the foundations of your brand, market position and pricing


Concept & Product Development

This module explains the product development process. What you need to consider when building the range, how different styles and colours work together and how to manage the whole process effectively avoiding common pitfalls going from concept to confirmed order.


Merchandise Planning & Buying

In this module we follow the various stages the buyer goes though before finalising the range understanding variety, depth, price and availability. We look at planning stock intakes and how to understand the relationship between sales, stock levels and ordering quantities in order to build a commercial range plan.


Retail Math Essentials

You don't need to have accountancy skills, but there are some basic calculations that all fashion professionals should know. These are required when costing products for profit. In these videos we break down the formulas used when preparing target prices and how to calculate cost prices.


Budgets & Pricing Strategies

This module explains the various stages to go though before finalising the range taking into consideration variety, depth, price and availability. We look planning stock intakes and how to understand the relationship between sales, stock levels and ordering quantities in order to build a commercial range plan.


Building the Range Plan

The preparation of a range plan is vital to planning a collection. This covers how to build a plan that includes both trend-led and ‘core’ products, and avoiding duplication, what is a price point hierarchy and how to manage the lead times of each garment to ensure that your whole collection will be delivered on time.


Suppliers & Sourcing

This module is about working with suppliers so you can confidently communicate with them to give feedback on the development samples and manage the seasonal orders. We look at the questions to ask in meetings, how to work with minimum order quantities, prepare cross-costings and understand the lead times for the deliveries


Sales Analysis & Management

In this module we look at sales and data reports and how to read and interpret them. What makes a best seller ? Why is sell-though important ? What happens if a product is not selling as planned or sells too quickly? We answer these questions and explain how to optimise the information available and to get a step ahead.

Elisabeth's experience and comprehensive skills in fashion buying and design

really helped us to develop new customers successfully. She understood the needs of our clients which resulted in achieving new business for us She is an experienced, trustworthy, responsible and reliable partner

Sherry XU, MD, Ningbo Hantchy, China


The programme is divided into 10 modules. Each module contains a series of videos to explain simple and practical steps. Each module includes hours of video training, plus downloads, such as help sheets, workbooks and checklists including specific tasks to practise,whichever is most relevant to the module content.


Completely online, this innovative step-by-step course provides videos and downloads to work through, from start to finish, accordingly to each individuals schedule and pace. This program is specifically designed to work around your busy schedule structuring each step in a way that is educational and practical.

Elisabeth helped me to convert creative

skills into business strategy

She offered constructive feedback on areas of development and took time to prepare materials to help leverage my brand.

Sita Raiter, Designer & Owner Sita Raiter

Meet Your Trainer

Elisabeth Mac Hale

Fashion and Business are my passions. After twenty-five years working in many countries as a Fashion Designer, Fashion Buyer and Business Manager, I know what it takes to develop great products and build successful & commercial brands. Addressing training and development needs to fill the knowledge gaps will allow your brand to grow and thrive.

Whatever your vision is for your business, I am ready to offer my in-depth industry knowledge, to motivate and empower you and support you with the best skills and work methods you need to turn your designs from concepts into product and to get to the shop floor.

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